Autodesk, known for polished, highly functional software like AutoCAD, and apps that allow users to build, manipulate, animate, and plan from their Android device, also found a hit with its Pixlr-o-matic app, an image editor that primarily touted its ability to create "cool looking vintage images." I always thought a vintage filter app was a little out of place in Autodesk's otherwise power user-oriented lineup, but it was still a fun app for quick antique-ification of your mobile photos.

Building on Pixlr-o-matic's success, Autodesk brought to market today another photo editing app – Pixlr Express. From the name, you may get the impression that Pixlr Express is more limited in scope than Pixlr-o-matic, but in reality, it's just the opposite. Express boasts more than 600 image effects, overlays, and borders to "personalize any image," along with tools to crop, resize, straighten, remove red-eye, and otherwise fix your image.

Of course, the app has plenty of vintage filters and overlays (including vintage posters, flame overlays, etc.) for those who enjoy the ironic notion of grunging up a digital photo taken in 2012 until it looks like one that's been sitting in a shoebox for a few decades. The app can even keep track of your favorite effects, so you won't need to navigate through the numerous (yet admittedly really smooth and well-organized) options every time you want to crop and apply the "Earl" filter.

Those who like sharing their edited photos will be glad to know that final images can be shared not only through Instagram (which itself has a much less powerful editing interface), Facebook, Twitter, or pretty much any other sharing app.

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What's great about Pixlr Express is that it has something for the vintage crowd, and can still work for those just looking to fix up a photo on the go. To tell the truth, I'm a huge fan of Android's built-in photo editor (especially in 4.2) for quick, practical adjustments like Curves, color adjustment, and maybe sharpening, but Pixlr Express – on top of its huge library of fun, unique effects and overlays – has some features Android doesn't – noise reduction, lighting effects, and a few other options make it worth checking out, even for those who aren't into the vintage photo craze. Plus, it's free.

Pixlr – Free Photo Editor
Pixlr – Free Photo Editor
Developer: Inmagine Lab
Price: Free+