ASUS hasn't forgotten Transformer Prime owners - after rolling out Jelly Bean back in September, the company is pushing a small bug fixer over the air with version The update actually began yesterday, but we waited a bit for the official changelog to come through - after all, what's the point of playing the guessing game if we can't add anything of value, right?

As I mentioned, the changes are pretty specific and far from critical, but it's better to see them and know what ASUS didn't do than run all over TF201's dark corners looking for something that isn't there.


Note: Printed here sic - exactly as ASUS had written it, in all its Engrish glory.

Bug Fix

  1. Fix the issue when insert SD card into Mobile Dock and enter sleep mode then the system will auto reboot.
  2. Fix the issue that backspace key on Mobile Dock does not work in Browser input field to delete words randomly.
  3. Fix the issue that ASUS handwriting IME cannot be enabled when pad is on Mobile Dock.
  4. Fix the issue that some PDF file downloaded from some 3rd part app would become .htm and cannot be opened.

Other Changes

  1. Add ASUS Ukrainian IME.
  2. Add back Google Bookmark Sync to Default Browser.
  3. Remove image and image in CN SKU.

All info is on top of v10.4.2.15, which was the Jelly Bean release.


Thanks for the heads up, Michael!