Earlier on Wednesday, there was a bit of a scare when CyanogenMod wrote a blog post instructing users to transition to cyanogenmod.org instead of the .com address the group has used up until now. As the story goes, a member of the team donated the domain back in the early days and had managed it ever since. Until recently when control of the domain was in question during a dispute with said user. According to the original post, this person was asking for a substantial fee for the address, as well as access to Google Apps accounts that managed a number of public-facing email accounts.

Thankfully, the issue has been resolved "as amicably as these things can be." It's unclear exactly what went down or who's to blame (as in most situations, it's likely two parts Enough Blame To Go Around, with a dash of Misunderstanding). The important takeaway here, though, is that the site will continue to operate as normal. The major difference now is that cyanogenmod.com will now redirect to cyanogenmod.org, which will now be the official site domain.

We will still be using CyanogenMod.org as our primary domain, and the .com address will simply redirect to this new domain. Ironically enough, ‘.org’ is better than ‘.com’ as we are not a commercial entity, and is far more in line with how CyanogenMod is structured.

Also, in the "Everything is fine, nothing is ruined" department, the group addressed some concerns that some donations may have been misappropriated as part of a related snafu. Rest easy, they were not:

We received a common question, that we’d like to take a moment to answer. Some of you contacted us mentioning that you had previously donated to a different address. When the forum began, up until about 3 months ago, the forum utilized this other address as the mechanism for forum donations and establishment of the ‘Donator’ badge. Donations made to this address prior to three months ago were used for the CyanogenMod forum IPB licence and forum related costs and were not misappropriated.

Ultimately, everything is back to normal in ROM land. Aside from the fact that some of you have just now realized that ROM Land is a theme park that you would like to visit, but it doesn't exist. You guys should get on that. Otherwise, no money has been extorted from CyanogenMod, no legal action is being taken, and everyone is okay with everyone else at this point.

Time to go back to your lives.

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