Sure, we're only a few hours away from the Nexus 4 and 10 launches, but that doesn't mean we can't have a software update or two while we're waiting. Some users on Google+ and Twitter are reporting that the Galaxy Nexus is receiving an update to Android 4.2 as we speak. Of course, if you're on a Sprint or Verizon device, you will probably be exempt right now, but if you see your miracle upgrade, speak up!

gnex gnex2

The new software brings Photosphere support, Gesture Typing (don't call it Swype), Gmail 4.2 with pinch-to-zoom, lockscreen widgets, notification quick settings, and more. Unfortunately, as we all know multiple users still won't be part of the update, but then, do you really need it on your phone?

Update #1: Those with Takju Galaxy Nexus handsets can go ahead and download the update manually here.

Update #2: Here are some screenshots showing the new quick settings pull-down (use two fingers or the button at top right of the notification area to access it) as well as the new lockscreen widgets. The camera is now only a swipe to the right - no unlocking required:

wm_11-12-2012 11-24-28 PM wm_Screenshot_2012-11-12-23-13-36 wm_Screenshot_2012-11-12-23-34-53 wm_Screenshot_2012-11-12-23-35-31

wm_Screenshot_2012-11-12-23-38-07 wm_Screenshot_2012-11-12-23-35-26 wm_Screenshot_2012-11-12-23-39-51 wm_Screenshot_2012-11-12-23-14-28

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