The Nexus 4 launches tomorrow on the Play Store and it's sure to be a great day for Android fans everywhere. Of course, this will also be the first time that a Nexus device will have glass on both sides of the handset and traditional cases that cover the rear would make all that sleek engineering pointless. Fortunately, Google has you covered (I'm so sorry). A neat-looking bumper case has just shown up on the Play Store and will protect your $300+ investment for an extra $20.


The case actually looks pretty dang slick and fits in with the design of the Nexus 4 rather well. No word yet on whether we'll also see some brightly-colored rainbow bumpers as well, or if that will forever remain firmly in the realm of that other platform's older days. Still, if you're already planning on buying Google's newest flagship handset when it comes out, you might do yourself a favor and go sign up to be notified once these are available.

Source: Play Store