Google promised an OTA update that brings multiple user accounts to the Nexus 10 and lockscreen widgets to both the 10 and the 4 before the official launch date of November 13th. For two days now, Ron and I have been mashing the Check Updates button on our respective devices over and over hoping to get this update as quickly as possible... and we just got it.

 2012-11-12 21.27.17 2012-11-12 21.32.54

This, of course, brings both of our devices up to full retail, complete with the above mentioned features. Before today, we didn't have a whole lot of info about how lockscreen widgets were going to work, and it turns out they're pretty simple. For the time being the Nexus 10 has but four widgets to choose from: Gmail, Calendar, Sound Search, and the digital clock. The 4 has all those same widgets, as well as one for messaging.

Screenshot_2012-11-12-20-32-20 Screenshot_2012-11-12-20-34-52

2012-11-12 21.35.31 2012-11-12 21.44.50 2012-11-12 21.45.13

The widgets work just like homescreens - after you add a new widgets, just swipe through the lockscreen to access it. Tapping the widget itself will then highlight the unlock button - if you unlock the device while in this "mode," then you'll jump directly into the selected application. For example, if you highlight the Gmail widgets and then unlock the device, it will go straight into the Gmail app.

The other new feature is specific the Nexus 10: multiple user accounts. This feature has been a long time coming and will finally make it possible for a single family to easily share one tablet.

Screenshot_2012-11-12-20-31-46 Screenshot_2012-11-12-20-31-56

That's all you get right now about MUA - expect a full write up on how they work sometime tomorrow. Until then, sleep tight - may your dreams be filled with the Nexuses of the near future.