Have you been chomping at the bit to figure out when you'll actually be receiving that Nexus 4 or Nexus 10 from the Play Store that you're definitely going to buy? Well, here's your answer, straight from Google: orders will begin for both on the 13th, and those orders will start shipping the same day. No pre-orders will be taken. So, if you go for overnight shipping, you could theoretically have sweet Nexus goodness the very next day - November 14th. To put an asterisk on this statement, if your country has the Nexus 4 / 10 set for release on the 13th, too, the above probably applies to you, as well. We can't say for certain, though.


The exact time orders will be starting wasn't provided to us (we wouldn't bet on midnight - probably more like early morning), so there's still some uncertainty, but it'll obviously be early enough in the day for some orders to actually ship. Here's the conversation we had with a Google PR rep on the subject:

AndroidPolice: Is Google going to start shipping on the 13th or open pre-orders? In other words, when will the first customers be able to hold the new Nexuses in their paws?

Google PR Rep: They'll start shipping on that date.

AndroidPolice: Alright, thanks. Do you know when the pre-orders will start then?

Google PR Rep: Right now, it's "Notify me" and on 11/13 it will switch to available for order.

There you have it, so mark your calendar for Tuesday.