It's finally arrived! The Galaxy Note II, which went up for pre-order back in October, has now gone on sale in AT&T stores and online. The Verizon version, for those of you who like be-uglied home buttons, won't be coming around for another couple of weeks, so sit tight. Otherwise, it's time to get your giant phone on!


Of course, the Note II is $300 on contract. That's a pretty hefty price tag on any day, and after Google announced the Nexus 4 for $350 off contract, it's going to get even harder for people to justify so much up front. The saving grace for carriers may yet be that, outside of carrier-branded, subsidized phones, it's difficult to get a retail presence for unlocked phones, so that might help. In any case, if you want the Note II either way, now is the time.

Source: AT&T