Update: The promotional code has been taken down - probably because too many people tried to use it. Bummer.

Looking for a new phone that isn't a Nexus 4? Well, you may want to head over to Best Buy Mobile's eBay Store (ugh), because there's actually a pretty awesome promo code you can use to swing a great deal on an on-contract phone.

For any phone with a plan rate greater than $29.99, whether on a new account or as a contract renewal (upgrade), you can get 25% off the cost of the phone - just enter the promo code "EBSAVE25" at checkout.


If you're looking at a phone whose on-contract price basically doesn't have much wiggle room at the moment (eg, Galaxy Note II), this is actually a great way to save some money. T-Mobile's Galaxy Note II, for example, is normally $330 on contract, but with this deal, is just $247.50 after entering the promo code - a savings of $82.50. Not bad.

Be careful, though, some of BB Mobile's prices don't line up with the carrier MSRP, like the Note II on Sprint, which BB Mobile charges $350 for, while Sprint itself charges just $300. This deal would still save you money, but it's definitely something to keep in mind. Also be sure to check out comparable prices at Wirefly, LetsTalk, and Amazon Wireless, too, before making a commitment. This deal ends on December 9th.

via Droidmatters