It seems the rumors can't stop flowing out of Redmond. Last month, a representative from a Microsoft subsidiary in Czech Republic claimed that Office would be coming to Android in 2013. While the company distanced itself from those remarks pretty quickly, that may simply be a smokescreen to cover leaks, like the kind the Verge picked up, including a few screenshots of Office running on iOS, and information on the release for our little green buddy.


We don't have much information to go on so far. According to the Verge's sources, the app suite will become available in May 2013. They will offer the ability to view documents as well as basic editing capabilities, though allegedly it won't do much to replace a full version of Office. There will also be links to buy an Office 365 subscription, if you'd like to expand your cloud-based storage and editing capabilities.

When asked for comment, Microsoft told the Verge:

"Office will work across Windows Phone, iOS and Android."

With that party line, it's difficult to deny that some form of Office is on its way. It's really just a question of what it will be like when it gets here.

Source: The Verge