Rovio has been teasing us for about a month now with yet another new Angry Birds title – Angry Birds Star Wars. The game is an almost inevitable mash-up between the smash hit mobile game and one of the most famous science fiction films of all time, and features (as you'd expect) light-saber wielding, force manipulating, laser-shooting birds. They are, of course, angrier than ever and they'll be battling more thieving pigs in more Star Wars-inspired environments than we care to count. Of course all the classic birds have been re-costumed and outfitted with appropriate accessories to remind us of Star Wars characters from Han and Chewie to Darth Vader, Luke, Leia, and even C-3PO, among others.

In Rovio's latest Angry Birds entry, you can expect to enjoy gameplay dynamics from both the game's land-locked and space-bound variants, with gravity, timing, and mastery of new weapons of course serving as keys to success.

Of course there's also a heavy focus on new Star Wars-related elements. In a live hangout just before launch, the Angry Birds team promised that Star Wars comes as close to canon as possible "within the Angry Birds universe."

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If you've played through previous Angry Birds games, you pretty much know what you're getting with Angry Birds Star Wars – the gameplay style that has made the series incredibly popular, along with some fresh (classic?) Star Wars gameplay twists and storyline elements.

Whether you're a fan of Angry Birds, Star Wars, or (ideally) both, Star Wars is worth checking out. Just hit the widget of your choice below – the regular version is ad supported, but can be rid of said ads for a $0.99 in-app purchase, while the ad-free HD version will run you $2.99.