The DROID DNA (or DLX ... or DIX) is a phone we've seen running around in leaked photos and Verizon MAP spreadsheets for some time now, but the date of an official launch has generally been elusive. Evleaks suggested early December, and given today's announcement of a Verizon/HTC event next week, that seems to be an increasingly likely timeframe.


The DROID DNA is largely believed to be a DROIDified version of HTC's J Butterfly, a 5" 1080p, quad-core Snapdragon-packing beast of a phone. Of course, the "J" in J Butterfly stands for Japan [only], so it looks like for the first time in a while Americans may be getting a top-tier HTC phone before Europe, or even Taiwan. Quite interesting, indeed.

Our own Ron Amadeo will be there in NYC on the 13th for the unveiling, so when we know, you'll know.