In a request to amend its second California lawsuit against Samsung today, Apple asked a judge to the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, and Android 4.1 as it appears on the Galaxy Nexus.

At first glance, it may seem like Apple is now drawing in the entire Android operating system into the suit, but really, it's been like this from the beginning. The Galaxy Nexus was accused from the date of filing in this lawsuit of infringing eight Apple software patents, and today is still accused of infringing those 8 even with its update to Android 4.1. The most we can glean from this is that Google apparently didn't take very convincing steps to avoid any of Apple's software patents in Android 4.1. 4.2, given it is an even more minor update, seems even less likely to avoid these patent pitfalls.


In essence, Apple has said "you updated your software, we still think it infringes." That's really all that happened here. Oh, and Apple was able to add the Note 10.1, which it was unable to previously because it was not yet released in the United States. Not exactly a shocker. There were some other minor modifications to allegations, as well, such as including stylus functionality as an infringing feature on all Samsung devices (as opposed to just the Notes), but it doesn't really open too many new doors to infringement.

via The Verge