Yes, we know, Disney bought Lucasfilm. No, there aren't going to be any spoilers about the plot, director, amount of direct involvement from George Lucas, or any other details about the upcoming Episode VII movie, no matter how much you (meaning me) want there to be so you (again, me) can stop worrying. What we do have is birds with force powers, giant flying fuzzballs, and, allegedly, the droids you're looking for.

Now that we can see a bit more of the gameplay, it looks like this is going to share some similarities both with the basic, land-locked Angry Birds game, as well as Angry Birds Space. Which makes sense, because a Star Wars game that doesn't involve flying through asteroid fields is about as ridiculous as a screen door on a star destroyer.

This game comes out Thursday, November 8th. In the meantime, sorry but you'll have to entertain yourself with this trailer. If you're in the US, I suppose you could occupy your time with something else like electing a new leader or something. You know, if you're bored.

Source: YouTube