Remember when you were in grade school, and your parent or teacher told you to apologize to the other kid? And you'd reply, "I'm sorry that Johnny has a big stupid face and he made me want to punch it"? Apple's been doing the same thing, except in this case the kids are billion-dollar international companies. With big stupid faces.

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By now you've probably seen Apple's original apology to Samsung, ordered by the UK court to punish the company's assertion that Samsung wholly copied the iPad design. And you've seen the rewritten apology that the court forced Apple to post, after finding the original (which included statements that US and German courts found otherwise) somewhat lacking. It turns out that Apple's desire to skirt around the ruling of the UK court knows no bounds, or at least, no bounds on your computer monitor. Reddit user Dismiss discovered that the footer on Apple's United Kingdom page, which holds the mandated link to the apology, has been moved to just below the viewing area.

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It doesn't matter what your native desktop resolution is: even on a 2560x1600 display (like the new Macbook Pro with Retina Display!) the footer is below the initial viewing area. You'll never see it unless you scroll down. Apple's home page in the US, sans apology, is unaffected. While the judge in Apple's UK case didn't take kindly to the passive aggressive first draft ending in "Samsung willfully copied Apple's far more popular iPad," it's unlikely that they'll order Apple to remove the revised code. To comply with the ruling, Apple must keep the notice on its homepage until December 14th.

Reddit - Apple re-sizes website so that the Samsung apology statement is out of clear view