Man, this guy just can't catch a break, can he? As if there wasn't enough blood shed from our favorite death-defying ginger in the original Falling Fred and Running Fred after that, he's back for a third round in Super Falling Fred. Like the first, your goal is to make it from the top of a rather large shaft to the bottom without getting sliced by lasers, smashed by chomping doors, or impaled by giant spikey rollers.

The new version includes new traps, upgradable skills, and brand new avatars. If you feel like the red-headed victim has had enough, you can take out your frustrations with a sparkly vampire, an androgynous pop-star, a guy that doesn't seem to think that Cleveland rocks all that much, or Cameron*.

fred1 fred2 fred3

The game is free on the Play Store and, expectedly, includes in-app purchases. Your real money buys fake money that you can also collect by simply playing more, so, again as usual, you'll either end up spending cash or time. Either way, it should keep you entertained for a while.

* <3

Super Falling Fred
Super Falling Fred
Developer: Dedalord
Price: Free