Ever since the HTC J Butterfly was announced for Japan we've been wondering when that glorious 1080p display would be coming to US soil. We've seen leaks that indicate that the internals would be released here in a much more One X-looking case, and we're sure by this point that it will be called the Droid DNA. Now, everyone's favorite Twitter leakster (tweakster?) evleaks has dropped a press shot on us with the familiar name and promising an "early December" availability.

The name lines up with what we've heard previously, and the device certainly looks an awful lot like the J Butterfly, as well as the previous blurrycam photos. The only thing  that doesn't fit with past leaks is the release date, however the internal document we saw before also said the Note II had already arrived on Verizon at that time, so it's likely that both dates are old pieces of information.

What do you think? Are you ready to believe in a 1080p HTC phone before Christmas?

Source: evleaks