Once again and right on time, Google has released Platform Distribution numbers for Android, this time for the month of October. The numbers still show Gingerbread holding on at just over 54%, but Jelly Bean is gaining a little more ground at 2.7%, up 0.9% over the previous month.


Again, the Gingerbread/Jelly Bean numbers are a bit disappointing considering the extremely small change from the previous cycle (a change of less than 1% for each), but it's worth noting that these numbers will (hopefully) be helped along by updates rumored to be coming soon (or those that just arrived).

Android's other iterations are still marching along on a predictable trajectory – Ice Cream Sandwich is up to 25.8% from 23.7% last time, Honeycomb is basically the same, with just a 0.1% change for API level 13, and likewise pre-2.3 releases are steadily dropping off (though slower than we may like).

With the new pie chart, we of course always get a new historical distribution chart – a handy visual representation of the steady growth and decline of Android's respective builds, shown old to new, top to bottom.


For more handy and interesting numbers, just check out the full report below.

Source: Android Developer Dashboard