UPDATE: We've updated the links below with an install package that lets you capture and view Photo Spheres right on your handset.

One of the most popular features introduced Monday with Android 4.2 was a revamped camera/gallery app (that we got a peek at early). The camera introduces a new focus/settings UI (popping up with an "options ring" only when you need it), a refreshed gallery interface, and of course – Photo Sphere.

Photo Sphere, for those who missed it, allows users to capture 360° images of their surroundings a la Google Maps, using XML data in concert with an enormous JPG file to help you save an immersive photo experience of where you've been.

The interface, which is activated from the camera app, is an ethereal grid plane that will guide you with helpful blue dots to each frame needed for a full sphere. Besides viewing your spherical creations on your handset, you can upload the images to Google+ for a web-based 360 experience.

Screenshot_2012-10-31-14-44-59 Screenshot_2012-10-31-14-45-52


As I mentioned earlier, the downloadable camera/gallery app also comes with editing options. Many of these are options we saw debuted in Ice Cream Sandwich, but it's still worth taking a quick look.

Screenshot_2012-10-31-13-52-22 Screenshot_2012-10-31-13-52-30 Screenshot_2012-10-31-13-52-34 Screenshot_2012-10-31-13-53-00

Users can add general filters, frames, and contrast effects, in addition to custom cropping, rotating, mirroring, and a handful of other handy editing features.

The build also includes a slightly refreshed Gallery. It has the same launcher icon and overall functionality like swiping from the camera app to a "filmstrip view," but the UI is slightly updated from its 4.0 and 4.1 counterparts.

Screenshot_2012-10-31-14-21-03 Screenshot_2012-10-31-14-21-33

To get the new camera/gallery on your device, you'll first of all need to be rooted. Assuming your device is already rooted, you'll just need to download the zip below and flash as normal.

Note: Original credit goes to XDA and AndroidCentral Forums but the download below contains a camera/gallery build that we patched to allow users of non-Nexus devices to capture and view Photo Spheres.

Disclaimer: Android Police isn't responsible for any harm to your device - proceed at your own risk.

Update: Mirrors taken down at Google's request.


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