Adding to the steady stream of new phones, Samsung has now unveiled the GT-i9260, which will be publicly known as the Galaxy Premier. This phone was  previously (and wrongly) rumored to be the Galaxy Nexus 2, as it sports a similar size to the original GN, but has the stylistic design of the Galaxy S III. Not all details are available at this time, but we know the device has a 4.65" 720x1280 Super AMOLED display, 8 or 16GB of storage, a microSD card slot, an 8MP rear shooter and 1.9MP front camera, 2100mAh battery, and Android 4.1. Unfortunately, processor and RAM info weren't announced. Lame.

GALAXY-Premier-Product-Image1 GALAXY-Premier-Product-Image2 GALAXY-Premier-Product-Image3

The device will be available in November starting with Russia, followed by Southeast Asia, China, and Korea, and will support either 3G or LTE depending on the region/carrier.

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