There's been a glut of zombie games lately - nary a roundup goes by where I don't have to try and find something new to say about the oh-so-popular undead. But Zombie Driver, the rare mixture of top-down driving and survival horror, comes by it honestly. The indie game was released on Steam for the PC back in 2009, and has been a popular seller on various platforms ever since. Now the THD version is available to owners of Tegra-based phones and tablets for $6.99.

If you haven't stumbled across Zombie Driver before, think of it as a mix between the Carmageddon and Twisted Metal games of old and the newer top-down racers that seem to do so well on mobile. You control one of eight vehicles bristling with weapons, with the intent of completing various missions, like rescuing survivors or killing x amount of zombies in a time limit. Shooting them is preferable to running them over, since they slow you down, and a large hoard of undead can bring the smaller cars to a dead stop.

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Complete missions to earn cash for new cars and upgrades... though who you're buying them from in a zombified wasteland is kind of a mystery. Developer Exor Studios has partnered with Nvidia for the Android version - there's no indication of when the game will come to other devices.

Update: Sorry, folks, NVIDIA contacted us to say that Zombie Driver was accidentally published to the Play Store early. It should be available again sometime later tonight.

Update #2: It's back up now.

The app was not found in the store. :-(