We've been eagerly awaiting the day that we would finally hear some kind of stats on Nexus 7 sales and, finally, ASUS has let some figures slip. Apparently sales of Google's first Nexus tablet have not only been great, but are getting progressively better. While we weren't given exact numbers, the company's CFO David Chang had this to say about how the slate has done in the market:

"At the beginning, it was, for instance, 500K units a month, then maybe 600, 700K. This latest month, it was close to 1 million."

Assuming he means each month's sales, we can estimate sales have been close to 2.8 million, but it's unclear at what rate exactly the numbers have increased. What is clear is that they're only going up. Part of this is likely to do with the expanded international availability of the tablet (now on sale in 13 countries). We can also assume that even more will be sold now that the base level of storage has increased and the holiday season starts bearing down on us.

Up until this point, Amazon has held the front-runner position for Android tablet sales with its Kindle Fire line, raking in 3.9 million sales in Q4 of 2011, the first quarter it was available. If ASUS keeps up at this rate, it might just manage to beat even that record. Which would only be good news for Android tablet fans.

Here's hoping, right?

Source: Wall Street Journal