Most of our readers consider themselves power users, and rightly so. Perhaps you don't have a spare 1.8 seconds to laboriously tap the Home button, then the app launcher, then that app you use every third Tuesday. Well, obsessive customizers, your new best friend on the Google Play Store is FlipLauncher, a free app that embeds up to five completely adjustable launcher ribbons over any and every part of Android.

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Don't let its admittedly plain looks fool you: FlipLauncher is surprisingly versatile. By default, it puts five candy-colored tabs on the left side of your screen. Swipe right on any of them to open up a ribbon, which can hold four apps or shortcuts. If you think the default setting is ugly and/or distracting (and it is) you can adjust the width, color and opacity of the ribbons, even making them invisible. You can add or remove ribbons, or make them activate from the right instead.

I'm getting a lot of utility out of FlipLauncher, if only because it's faster than other pseudo-launchers like Sudo QuickLaunch or Wave Launcher. It's a free ad-supported download, so if you've been looking for a way to spice up your machine, give it a try.

Developer: Lufesu Inc.
Price: Free