At this point, the LG Nexus 4 is the most-leaked phone since, well, that other phone. Today a video from the carrier 3 in Sweden has popped up on YouTube with a near two minute look at the device, showing us around Android 4.2 a bit. The phone itself looks just like all the pictures we've seen. The video also confirms the Quick Settings menu Ron found. Conveniently, users will access it via a button, not a second pull-down shade.

Update: The video was pulled, but we've added a mirror. Once something's on the internet, it's there for good. Silly 3.

There isn't much more to see in the video, but it's definitely worth the couple minutes of your time. It looks like, despite Hurricane Sandy, we might still see plenty of fun stuff come out today as scheduled reveals don't get the message about the delay.

Source: Swedroid

Thanks Lars, Jespher, and Ghoti!