OK, so it's Nexus day. A day full of excitement and new things to be excited about. That doesn't take away from other awesome news, though - like new CyanogenMod features, for example. The team teased one such feature on Google+ last night: the ability to quickly hide the navigation and status bars on applicable devices.

Screenshot_2012-10-29-11-15-35 Screenshot_2012-10-29-11-16-22 Screenshot_2012-10-29-11-17-22

This feature actually makes its way to CM10 from Paranoid Android, so hats off to that dev team for such a cool (and useful) tweak. I can personally see myself using this in a few instances: while playing games, it'll keep me from accidentally hitting the back or home buttons; also, when watching movies. Moar screen!

The option should already be available in the latest nightlies, so grab the one for your device and give it a whirl.