If you own ASUS' first full HD tablet - the Transformer Pad Infinity - the custom ROM scene just got quite a bit better for you. Why, you ask? Because the TF700T is now officially support by CyanogenMod, and the first CM10 nightly is already available.


Of course, in order to flash this you'll need to unlock the bootloader, which, in turn, voids the warranty. It's also worth noting that once you abandon ASUS' stock firmware, there's currently no way to go back, despite the fact that ASUS makes the update blobs available (I learned this the hard way with the TF201). Turns out I was wrong here. As the CM10 maintainer for this device kindly pointed out in the comments, you actually will be able to re-flash stock if you want. Lucky you!

It's also noted that you'll need to be on the Jelly Bean bootloader, otherwise, you may bootloop. And no one like bootloops. If you hit any snags, there's a support thread over at XDA.

Not that it really matters - CM10 is arguably better than ASUS stock anyway. Hit the link to grab it.