Google is set to officially announce the LG-built Nexus 4 on Monday, but it looks like LG's UK division got a little ahead of itself and has posted an official LGE960 quick start guide online for all to see. This device has been thoroughly leaked by this point, but there are a few interesting tidbits to be gleaned from this PDF.

nexus 4

First, the file name identifies this as a US device with 16GB of storage. So if you were worried the previously leaked 8GB model was all we'd have, fear not. The back of the device has that large Nexus branding from the more recent leaks. This seems to be the direction Google is going for all its flagship devices. The wireless charging induction coils are confirmed on the back of the device as well. In the leaked shots, we were wondering if the slot on the device's left side was an SD card slot, or just the SIM card. The guide confirms that it's a micro SIM slot. It is one of the tray designs that you have to pop out with a pin.

The document is very basic, as are all smartphone booklets these days. Still, if you want to give it a quick read in English or Spanish, check the download links below.

[LG Nexus 4 Quick Start Guide, Mirror 1, Mirror 2; Thanks, Marco]