If you were quick to grab the Droid RAZR HD or MAXX HD from Verizon Wireless within the past week, you should be getting your first OTA fairly soon. Verizon just updated its supports docs for the newest members of the Droid family, showing a very minor update.


Yep - that's it. The 6MB update only brings one little-bitty fix, and we're not really sure exactly what to does. Whatever it is, it's a big enough deal that Google and Verizon felt the need to push it out now instead of waiting to bundle it with a larger OTA, so you may want to go ahead and grab it.

On the other hand, maybe it fixes the only known root exploit for the device. Only one way to find out.

wm_Screenshot_2012-10-27-02-13-31 wm_Screenshot_2012-10-27-02-20-07


Thanks for the screenshots, Anyello!