Majesco Entertainment is asking Android users if they are ready to "become a legend" with Legends of Loot, released to the Play Store today.

Legends of Loot, as you may expect from glancing at the icon above, is a humorous, cartoonish, "not-so-typical" take on the adventure game genre. The game, which promises players will "quickly develop into grand adventurers" as they progress through each environment, follows a plucky protagonist who must face off against evil dragon overlords while solving "mind-bending" puzzles and traversing mazes and traps in Egyptian, Medieval, and Asian environments across close to one hundred levels.

Legends' control scheme is based on touch gestures and accelerometer movement, allowing players to intuitively attack enemies or dodge oncoming attacks.

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Adding a facet personalization to the experience, players can customize their hero with clothes, "quirky" weapons (see plunger above), armor, and magical items. Players can also bet in-game gold on skill-based challenges for the chance to win big. Interestingly, the game also has a social touch – players can connect with one another via an in-game calendar, keeping track of friends' progress and receiving notifications of "special events." The game also has OpenFeint support.

If you're into adventure games or dungeon crawlers, but also appreciate a fun, humorous twist, you'll like Legends of Loot. Considering it's free to play, there's no reason not to check it out. Just click through the widget below.

Legends of Loot
Legends of Loot
Price: Free+