You're clearly not tired of zombies, are you? How could you be? They're the perfect surrogate for people in violent video games. Without worrying about any of the moral consequences, you can shoot, chainsaw, maim, electrify, incinerate, or nominate them for Oscars! Try doing that with a normal human being! In Zombiewood, the carnage takes place in a Hollywood (get it?) backlot, the one place you've always wanted to let loose and break stuff.

It's a little unclear from the description just what part of this game has any filmmaking aspect, aside from being in a studio. Isn't that really all you need, though? The undead are running through 11 different movie sets and it's your job to clear them out. Zombiewood touts itself as the "ultimate dual-stick shooter," which is great for all of you with two analog sticks on your phone. The rest of us will be using our virtual controls as usual. Whether that's great or an annoyance is up to you.

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Half the fun of murdering the reanimated, of course, is the weapons you use to do it. In true Gameloft style, you can expect a wide array of weapons at your disposal, and an in-app purchase system to go along with it that can accelerate your acquisition of arms, as well as the drain on your wallet. The game is free to play, though, so grab it from the widget below.

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