If you have a deep and unbending hatred for Comic Sans, have strong feelings about the use of serifs on signage, or get bent out of shape about kerning, you are a font-nerd. It can be tough living in a world full of ugly lettering, but now Android users have an app that can help lessen the pain. Fontly helps you explore the world of typography on the go.

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This app gives users the opportunity to collaboratively archive vintage and unique fonts from signs, buildings, and packaging. Snap a picture of whatever lettering you come across, title it, tag it, and upload it to the Fontly service. Sharing to other social services is also supported. Your photo will be geotagged so others can check out nearby typographical wonders on the map view.

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This is a niche service that most users won't take the time to check out. Although, a lot of the signs people upload are very cool. Fontly is free, so you should give it a chance.

The app was not found in the store. :-(