If you head over to the Play Store right now, you'll see that the 8GB edition of the Nexus 7 is currently out of stock ("Coming Soon"). While this isn't really news in and of itself, it's been that way the past 12 hours or so, and we already have a strong suspicion that the 8GB N7 won't be with us much longer.


We also know that the 32GB Nexus 7 is coming - probably next week in New York - and that the 16GB version may be poised for a price drop. From day one, many have complained that the 8GB version of the N7 simply lacked sufficient storage (5.6GB usable), and dropping it entirely sort of makes sense at this point, particularly with both the iPad Mini and Kindle Fire HD starting at 16GB.

Of course, it could just come back tomorrow, and we could be wrong, but hey, the timing is right, and our gut instinct here tells us otherwise.