Maybe you're looking for a pro to fix up some odds-and-ends things around house. Maybe you some painting done. Or perhaps you're in desperate need of a landscaper. No matter what your home improvement quandary is, there's someone out there who will gladly accept your money to perform said activity. The problem is, though, finding the right person for the job.

Fear not, oh unskilled one - you can now use the power of your smartphone to find just such a person, thanks to the new Redbeacon app.

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For those who many not know, Redbeacon is a service that helps you find the right pro for the job you need done. With its simple and intuitive interface, the app will walk you through all the necessary steps to enter your project, with options to attach pictures and videos along the way. After that, applicable professionals can bid on the job, and the app will alert you of incoming offers. From there, you can book the job and rest easy knowing that stuff's getting taken care of. Isn't technology great? You didn't even have to get off the couch!

Of course, Redbeacon's service is only available in select areas, so if you're not in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Washington DC, New York, or the San Francisco Bay Area, then you're on your own. Better grab the duct tape and hope for the best.

The app was not found in the store. :-(