In Royal Revolt you play the role of the young prince, recently dethroned by his extended family. To reclaim your kingdom there is but one option: storm the castle! Conquer all 30 castles, and you will be restored to your throne. But beware, you will encounter dangerous magic, pointy arrows, and the dreaded in-app purchases during your quest.

The controls in Royal Revolt will take some getting used to – it's all tap to move, not thumbstick based. To make up for this you can enjoy the absolutely wonderful, fluid graphics. The game has a Pixar animation sort of vibe, and the colors are fun and vibrant. You'll have to build up your army to siege each castle, but you can also unleash magic to heal your troops or attack the enemy. Along the way, you will have to buy upgrades to your forces. As you might expect, this is a lot faster if you drop a few dollars on bundles of gold.

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Royal Revolt is a free download, so maybe those in-app purchases aren't that bad. The download is also hefty at 150MB, but those silky-smooth graphics don't come without cost.

Royal Revolt!
Royal Revolt!
Developer: Flaregames
Price: Free+