Hey Sprinsters - guess what? The Now Network has some more LTE markets for you. It's a short list, but at least they're making progress, right?

  • Chicago Area Suburbs: Addison, Bolingbrook, Des Plaines, Downers Grove, Kankakee, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Palatine and Plainfield
  • Gary, IN
  • Hutchinson and McPherson, KS
  • New Bedford and Fall River, MA
  • Wichita Falls, TX

If you're still waiting on Sprint's LTE to hit your area (which should be quite a few of you), don't sweat it. The network has already released a rollout schedule for the next few months - if you didn't make the cut this time, maybe you'll have better luck in the near future. Unless, of course, your area isn't on the list at all. In that case, it may be a while before you can finally get away from 3G.