In early September, Everything Everywhere announced the UK's first 4G LTE network. Simply called EE, the company plans to bring blazing-fast LTE to 16 UK cities before the end of 2012, but - until now - there was nary a word on pricing.

The company will be using a tiered approach in its 4G offering, with each bundle including unlimited voice and text:


As you can see, device prices vary according to which data bundle is chosen (take notes, US carriers), with high-end devices like the Galaxy Note II going for a mere £30 with an 8GB plan.

With the 1GB or larger plans, customers will get to select an extra media service at no additional charge: free music streaming from Deezer, two games a month from Gameloft, or streaming TV service with "up to" 20 channels. The latter option will be available beginning in November, and while users can only select one freebie at a time, they should be able to switch 'em up every 30 days.

Customers will also have the option of bundling mobile service with EE's upcoming fiber network, which can save up to £120.

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• Superfast speeds: EE delivers superfast speeds, five times faster than 3G,
and typically ten times faster in homes and offices with fibre broadband

• Exciting new services: EE Film provides customers a one-stop shop for film,
combining 2-for-1 cinema ticketing, listings, trailers and film downloads or
streaming into one place. EE Film also offers 'pause & play' functionality
between mobile and PC with the largest catalogue of new releases compared
to similar providers. The new Clone Phone insurance service replaces your
device and digital content in under 24 hours

• Simple pricing for the digital age: Unlimited calls and texts as standard on
your mobile; customers simply select their data allowance, starting from just
£36 per month for consumers and £35 (excl VAT) for businesses, with built-in
cost control tools

• Expert Support: Fast track service for all customers, plus access to
approximately 10,000 experts on the high street, on the phone and online
23rd October 2012. London. EE, the UK's most advanced digital
communications company, today unveiled the pricing and plans for its new
superfast Fibre Broadband and 4G services, designed for 21st century
consumers and businesses alike.

The UK's first 4G mobile service will launch on Tuesday October 30th, offering
consumers and businesses a new way to access the people, places and
things they want on the move, with speeds typically five times faster than 3G.

EE will also launch its new fixed-line fibre service for the home and offices,
with speeds typically ten times faster than today's standard broadband plans.
The delivery of increased speeds and connectivity has inspired the
development of EE's first next-generation digital services, such as EE Film
and EE's new device and digital content replacement services.

Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE, said: "We're proud to be leading the way and
pioneering the roll out of 4G in the UK. With our new brand and unique 4G
and fibre services, we will deliver consumers and businesses across the
country next-generation services and a superior level of support.

"Our new plans have been developed to offer our customers everything they
have been asking for – superfast performance, choice and value – as well as
a fresh approach to pricing and customer service that offers accessibility,
flexibility and guidance every step of the way."

The launch of the EE brand will be backed by a multi-million pound marketing
campaign across TV, print and digital media channels.

Superfast speeds

EE will be the first company in the UK to launch a mobile 4G service, along
with its new fixed-line fibre broadband service. It will be called 4GEE and will
offer speeds five times faster than 3G, and speeds typically ten times faster
than currently available in homes and offices.

EE will be available to buy nationwide, with the 4GEE service going live
initially across ten cities on 30th October3. The company has an aggressive
4G rollout plan in place with six further cities coming online in the run up to
Christmas, with further cities and rural locations planned for 2013, and 98% of
the population due to be covered by the end of 2014.

Once achieved, this will be the fastest rollout of any UK network in history.
EE's Fibre Broadband service, available to both consumers and businesses,
will be available in 11 million premises nationally with plans starting at just £15
per month.

Smart new services

The launch of superfast mobile and fixed speeds by EE will inspire the birth of
revolutionary and exciting new services for business and consumers.
The first such service is EE Film, the only service in the UK which combines
2-for-1 cinema ticketing, listings, trailers and film downloads or streaming in
one place. The Film Store presents the largest catalogue of new releases
available in the UK, with more than five times the number of new releases
than other similar providers, and more than 700 films available in total.

EE customers will be able to watch a film of their choice on their mobile, on
their PC or even on their TV (via their laptop). Pause & Play also allows
customers to view the film on one device, such as their smartphone, pause it,
then pick it up on another device, such as their laptop.

4GEE customers will able to download or stream a film, each week, on EE,
without impacting their data allowance. Further films can be downloaded or
streamed with prices starting at 79p, and the cost can be charged to
customers' mobile bill, or credit and debit cards.

Simple pricing for the digital consumer

4GEE phone plans will offer customers a wide selection of simple smartphone
and mobile broadband plans, putting the customer in control by combining a
range of data options with unlimited UK calls and texts. Data allowances start
with the light data usage entry plan, offering 500MB (£36/pm) and extending
up to 8GB (£56/pm) for the heavier data user.

Data controls will alert customers when they are approaching the data
allowance limit, and then when their limit is reached. They can then choose to
buy a data add-on, or wait until the next bill period starts.
All customers will be able to tether or use VoIP services as part of their plan –
with no need to buy specific data add-ons. BT Wi-fi is also included in all
plans at no extra cost, providing on-demand access to millions of wireless
hotspots across the UK.

For just £5 more a month, customers will be able to take their unlimited voice
and text allowance abroad with them, in Europe and selected countries in the
rest of the world4, as well as access to special data add-ons offering
significant value on data use while abroad.

New Fibre Broadband and 4GEE plans for Business

Small business customers will have a range of 4GEE phone plans, with data
allowances of 1GB including unlimited UK calls and texts starting from £35/pm
(excl. VAT). Companies can also reduce costs by choosing the new 4GEE
Sharer Plan, which allows sharing of data allowances across all users and
devices within their business, plus inclusive calls to colleagues and landlines.
EE also provides medium sized, public sector and corporate customers with a
range of dedicated 4GEE plans from an additional £3 a month on top of their
existing or new package, as well as added services including security and
mobile application development. Data share plans are also available for these
companies, with the added benefit of increased spend control through
reduced out-of-bundle rates for data, and spending caps ranging from £50-

Olaf Swantee commented: "UK Businesses have shown considerable interest
since our 4G launch intentions were announced. We hope that our new 4G
plans and services will make us the most exciting digital communications
business partner to work with in the UK."

EE Consumer Fibre Broadband plans

EE's Fibre Broadband will offer speeds typically up to ten times faster than the
UK average. Ideal for households or small businesses with multiple devices,
EE Fibre broadband offers maximum download speeds of 76Mbps – allowing
customers to stream HDTV, play online games, watch films on demand or
quickly upload or download large files. Plans start from £15 per month5, with
off-peak calls and a free BrightBox router included as standard.

4GEE customers save £5 per month when taking EE's Fibre Broadband
product for the entire length of their phone plan – offering savings of up to
£1206. Orange and T-Mobile customers can also benefit, allowing them to
enjoy EE Fibre Broadband in the home or office at reduced rates.

Expert service

EE customers can expect a superior level of service on the high street, on the
phone and online, with a significant new service approach and services
designed to give customers peace of mind.
10,000 EE experts have been trained to serve and sell to customers in a new
way, designed around specific handset types.
If an EE customer wants to speak to an expert at one our customer centres,
they can fast-track the automated call system by first connecting, then dialling
33, to get connected directly to an expert.
EE also operates customer services on social networks Twitter and Facebook.
A number of new services, fit for the digital world, have also been developed
to provide peace of mind for new EE customers.
Clone Phone: Clone Phone from EE securely backs up data such as
contacts, calendar and content (customers' own photos and videos) via an
App, which provides an easy way to restore your content if a phone is lost,
stolen or broken. It means you don't just get your handset back, but you get
your digital life back too.

Repair & Loan Phone: Repair and Loan Phone provide a convenient way to
arrange a repair in store8 and stay in touch in the meantime. All customers will
be provided with a replacement phone, and phones will be repaired and
returned within 14 days. Small business customers benefit from next day
replacement for any faulty phone.

Transforming the high-street

From the 30th October, all existing Everything Everywhere, Orange and TMobile
stores will become newly branded EE stores.

4G Ready

EE will be offering a simple process for Orange and T-Mobile customers
who've already purchased a 4G ready handset, to swap to 4G, at no
additional cost.