If you're not a fan of your phone's stock camera app for its lack of vintage polaroid filters, you probably have come across Camera ZOOM FX at some point or another. It's pretty popular, but since the introduction of Android 4.0, its UI has looked a little dated. Today, that changed - along with over 20 new features, ZOOM FX is sporting a brand-new look. Check it out.

Screenshot_2012-10-22-11-11-23 Screenshot_2012-10-22-11-12-04 Screenshot_2012-10-22-11-12-42

Screenshot_2012-10-22-11-12-32 Screenshot_2012-10-22-11-13-01 Screenshot_2012-10-22-11-13-16 Screenshot_2012-10-22-11-14-05 Screenshot_2012-10-22-11-15-00

I'm not going to list all the new features here (because let's face it, a filter is not a feature, it's a filter), but here are some of the highlights:

  • New UI / performance enhancements (hardware acceleration)
  • Portrait mode
  • Adjust brightness, exposure, ISO, light metering
  • Horizon and stability indicators
  • Golden spiral grid
  • New UI for photo timer
  • Pinch digital zoom
  • Gallery mode
  • XHDPI support
  • Customizable actions
  • Facebook sharing

That's a lot of stuff. Now, I was playing with this new version, and for the most part, was pretty wowed by what androidslide (the developer) has accomplished. But I did notice a problem on three separate phones I tested: continuous auto-focus is totally broken. I'm not sure if it was in earlier versions, but if not, it's desperately needed. Without continuous AF (or at least tap-to-focus), using a smartphone camera is kind of a pain. Anyway, if you haven't bought it as part of the many sales it's been in, it's probably worth paying for anyway, this is a great app that just got greater.

Camera ZOOM FX Premium
Camera ZOOM FX Premium
Developer: androidslide
Price: $3.99