Following up on the success of its Current Caller ID app, WhitePages has released version 2.0 of the WhitePages app, bringing a slick new Android-oriented UI and new social/discovery features along for the ride.

Besides its newly holo-fied interface design, the WhitePages app adds the ability to connect with friends and neighbors with a Nearby People functionality that can be used, as seen in the video, to "find a friend" and plan a lunch. Likewise, you can search for nearby businesses and restaurants, even taking a sneak peek at restaurant menus.

Once you get tired of finding new friends and businesses, you can share where you're going (or where you've been) with friends via various social media outlets, and invite them to come along. You can also look up unfamiliar numbers from your call log, or use WhitePages' "premium phone lookup option."

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If you're already a user of the WhitePages app, just grab the update and enjoy all the new features. If you haven't used the WhitePages app, but are yearning for yet another way to connect with friends and find new things to do and new people to do those things with, while also gaining the phonebookish functionality the WhitePages app provides, hit the widget below.

Whitepages - Find People
Whitepages - Find People
Developer: Whitepages
Price: Free+