As Nexus season progresses, and as we approach Google's October 29th event, rumors and speculation are reaching a fever pitch. Tonight, we caught sight of a story over at Gizmo Fusion pointing out a suspicious Sprint landing page potentially teasing Samsung's mythical Galaxy Nexus 2 so many fans have been hoping for.

The page in question (which one of our readers, Freak4Dell, also noticed) is Sprint's landing page for the original Galaxy Nexus which, for at least two days now, has had an interesting title – "Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 – 4g Android Smartphone from Sprint".


Just in case anybody out there took this as a sign that their Galaxy Nexus 2 prayers would definitely be answered, we should point out that this almost certainly doesn't tease an unannounced device.

For starters, landing pages are rarely (if ever) recycled with different titles for new products. Further, the "4g" is a bit suspicious – this would be the first time in recent memory any carrier used a lowercase "g" when taking one of many chances to remind us what kind of connectivity our prospective smartphone has.

Finally, the only device some thought may be a new Samsung Nexus (the i9260) has been widely discredited as a different phone, perhaps called the Galaxy Premier, and modeled after the SIII, and it doesn't look likely that we'll see more than one Nexus phone, or even one from Samsung, this season.

In the end, it looks like Sprint's page title slipup is nothing more than an admittedly amusing typo.

Source: Gizmo Fusion, Sprint