Two Ice Cream Sandwich OTA announcements from Verizon in one day? Pinch me. Both the Motorola DROID Bionic (6.7.246) and LG Lucid (ZV7) are set to receive Android 4.0 updates, with the latter's set to go out tomorrow. The timing for the Bionic's bump to ICS hasn't been provided, but considering the Verizon support site documents are up, it should be any day now.

Verizon even provided some pretty pictures to tell you what the respective updates do this time!



Bionic owners in particular have been waiting quite some time for this upgrade, which has been delayed again and again. It's also nice to see LG actually, you know, update one of its phones. Head over to the respective Verizon Support pages to learn more about the new features and find updating instructions.

LG Lucid, DROID Bionic