The teardowns never lie! You know how we've been telling you the Play Store is getting a Wishlist feature? It's rolling out now on a per-account basis. You don't have to download anything, everything is already built into 3.9.16. Wishlists are basically a bookmark feature, which lets you save a list of apps.

We've got pictures!


Once your account gets enabled, go to any app page on the Play Store, and you'll see the new Wishlist icon in the top right. A quick tap and that item is saved to your Wishlist.


"My Wishlist" is an item in the Play Store menu, just like "My Apps." Tapping on it will take you to a vertical list where you can see all your bookmarked apps. Neat.


It doesn't just work on apps, you can save anything in the Play Store. Apps, Music, Movies & TV, Magazines, and Books.


It doesn't have to be individual items either, you can wishlist a whole TV show or artist. Everything goes into one big list, and you can tell what's what from the color coded prices.

Once again, there's nothing you need to download it to enable it, just wait and your account will get it eventually.

Thanks to Ricky and Justin for the tip