Google has just released the official Google Calendar app on the Play Store, to the joy of, well, probably everyone who isn't using a Nexus phone or a custom ROM. This is the same app you'll find in stock Android, packaged up and ready for individual consumption. This also means Google will be able to update the Calendar app directly from the Play Store, instead of in Android releases as part of the Google Apps package.

Screenshot_2012-10-17-16-41-24 Screenshot_2012-10-17-16-41-38 Screenshot_2012-10-17-16-42-39

This includes all the features you'd expect, allowing you to set which calendars you want to view, create events, hide declined events, show the week number, decide the week start date, and more. For those stuck with OEM calendar apps on skins like TouchWiz and Sense, this is definitely a welcome addition to the family of Play Store-available Google apps. This version also adds a couple new features:

Screenshot_2012-10-17-16-42-52 Screenshot_2012-10-17-16-43-15 Screenshot_2012-10-17-16-43-26

Head over to the Play Store to grab it now, and check out the official Android blog post for more information.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free