This update is now live in the Store. Get it!

It's been about two weeks since Chameleon Launcher released the v1 into the Play Store, and the company has been working hard to bring new features and widgets to the app. They just published a blog post highlighting a few things to expect in the upcoming 1.1 release, including a Google+ widget and super-sexy GCal widget:

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That's not the big news here, though. They also uploaded a new teaser video showing off one of the most requested features: support for stock Android widgets! That's right, once v1.1 is live, you'll be able to use all of your existing widgets inside of Chameleon. That's huge.

Aside from that, Chameleon also posted a look at what some devs have been doing with the Widget SDK, and promised to add a "widget catalogue" in the near future so all users can access third-part offerings.

They didn't offer an exact date for the update, but hinted that I would be available in "the very near future." Bring it on Chameleon - it looks awesome.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

[Chameleon Blog via Google+; Thanks, Michael!]