This is the latest in our Weekend Poll series. For last week's, see If The Major Manufacturers All Made Similar Nexus Phones, Whose Would You Buy?

LG was hard at work this week pimping the new Lithium Polymer battery technology used in the Optimus G. Promising higher battery density in a smaller, lighter package, word's still out on how much of an improvement it is in the real world. Obviously, though, any advances in battery tech are welcome - more battery life is never a bad thing.

It got me thinking: are people happy with their phone's stock battery life? Sure, your phone probably can't go 3 days between charges like the dumbphones of yore could, but these days, most do make it through a full day of use. Artem and I got into a debate on the topic, because he thinks nobody will be content with their battery life, so this is a stupid poll. I know that I'm content with mine, and I'm sure there are plenty of people that aren't ridiculous power users running 18 apps concurrently (*cough* Artem *cough*) who will agree.

What do you think? Obviously, we all want more, all the time. But bearing in mind the current limitations and just how powerful our phones have become, are you content with your phone's stock battery life?

[Please note: The only options are "yes" and "no," because this is a pretty clear-cut, albeit subjective, question. You either are content with it, or you are not. If your answer is "kind of," then your answer is no.]

Are You Content With Your Phone's Stock Battery Life?

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