Earlier this month, CyanogenMod teased upcoming CM10 nightly builds for the Acer Iconia Tab A700. While it may have taken a bit longer than expected, the first nightly hit get.cm last night.


Of course, Acer started pushing its own brand of Jelly Bean to the A700 at the end of September, so the hi-res offering wasn't all that behind the times to begin with. The JB update seems to have brought some performance improvements to the device, as there's less stutter than on ICS. With that said, it's pretty clear that the GPU still struggles to keep up with all the pixels on the display.

Definition: A "nightly" is a bleeding edge release that is built on a daily basis, usually at night after a full day's worth of new code has been committed.

It could oftentimes be unstable and not properly tested, lacking any changelogs, but eventually evolving into alphas, betas, release candidates, and finally stable releases.

Given CM's noteworthy performance improvements on basically all devices, however, perhaps the team found a way to provide a little more smoothness and overall polish over Acer's stock offering. There's only one way to find out: hit the link and give it a flash. Don't forget to grab the appropriate GApps while you're at it.