The rich, laminated oak on an antique writing desk. The captivating sheen on a mug of Bolivian coffee. The slight give as your hand caresses the supple exterior of an exquisitely-tanned saddle. If all these things put you in mind of a new smartphone, then you're a very strange person, and the prime consumer target for the latest flavor of Samsung's Galaxy S III. The "Amber Brown" version of the Galaxy S III is now available directly from Verizon, apparently ready to ship. It's the same price as the white, blue and black models, at $199/$599 for the contract and non-contract versions respectively, in 16GB capacity only.

gsiii brown

But hold your bay horses, Burnt Sienna fans. If you can wait a week or two, you can score the upgraded 32GB model from Best Buy for the same $199 contract price. A listing for the 32GB Amber Brown GSIII showed up on Best Buy's website at around the same time, though it's marked as "coming soon". (The 32GB model in blue and white is currently $249 on Verizon's website.) All kidding aside, the 32GB Verizon phone is getting pretty hard to find anyway. If you've been hunting one, it might just be worth all the Microsoft Zune jokes you'll be getting from your nerd friends.

bestbuy gsiii brown

Verizon Wireless: Galaxy S III 16GB in Amber Brown

Best Buy: Verizon Galaxy S III Amber Brown 32GB (Coming Soon)