Have you been watching your weight? You might want to skip this post, then. The official Pinkberry app has arrived on Android, and while downloading it does not cause delicious frozen yogurt to appear in your hands, you do get a free yogurt for registering in the app. The Pinkberry app also comes with a number of other goodies free of charge.

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With the Pinkberry app you can search for nearby stores, pay for your yogurt with a Pinkberry virtual card, and track how much frozen yogurt you're stuffing yourself with. The app can also alert you when new flavors are launched, or when your personal favorite comes back into stock. You can use this app to track your purchases and get a freebie every ten visits, and maybe more often if you're lucky. You also get guaranteed free froyo on your birthday.

The app does not follow any of the Android design guidelines, and actually has an iOS vibe to it. I wouldn't call it unattractive, though. It's free, so check it out if you want a tasty treat.

Developer: Paytronix Systems
Price: Free