There's a lot of great things about custom ROMs, but one of the pitfalls is that you need to manually check for updates and install them. Those of you running the popular AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) family of ROMs will definitely want to check out Kangerator, a new app designed to compliment everyone's favorite unicorn-powered Android build. The brand new release is available from the Google Play Store now, free of charge.

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In addition to updates and links to the latest official AOKP builds, the app includes an auto update check feature, which can be set for daily or boot checks. Downloads can be set for the AndroidTransfer or Goo.IM servers, if you've got a preference. Additional features like a download path can be unlocked via a reasonable $2 in-app purchase, and ads (the revenue goes directly to the AOKP team) can be disabled in the settings.

There's just one thing missing: a Google Apps download. I use AOKP on both my smartphone and tablet, so developer, consider this your first feature request.

The app was not found in the store. :-(