If you didn't see our initial post on Maluuba, a rather nifty voice assistant app, check it out. The service has now gone global, though English remains the only supported language, with the beta release of Maluuba International.

As with the normal version of Maluuba, you can get directions, find restaurants, movie showtimes, create alarms, and more. The app itself has a pretty neat UI, too (even if it is a total Windows not-Metro ripoff).

nexusae0_Screenshot_2012-09-13-10-11-29 nexusae0_Screenshot_2012-09-13-10-35-00 nexusae0_Screenshot_2012-09-13-10-35-24

The downside here is probably implicit, but the amount of data Maluuba will be able to provide to users in many country will obviously be a lot smaller than its currently officially-supported regions (US, UK, Australia). As such, while searches for things like movie showtimes may go through, your country or particular locale may not have such information to find at all. Keep that in mind - Maluuba is offering this up as a beta mostly to show off what the app does, not as a promise to bring Yelp restaurant listings to every country on earth.

With that in mind, features like making calendar appointments, asking questions to Wolfram Alpha, and general web searches are region-agnostic.

Anyway, definitely give it a shot if you haven't already, it's on the Play Store right now.


The app was not found in the store. :-(