If you can say nothing else about Square Enix, the company sure is raising the bar on both Android game prices and scope. With the recent Final Fantasy ports, mobile gamers with some cash to spare have had the opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time in mythical lands leveling up and fighting outlandish enemies. If you're looking for something in that neighborhood that you haven't played before, though, Chaos Rings has finally been ported to Android, and it looks fantastic.

Chaos Rings centers around teams of characters that all join the Ark Arena to do battle. Each person has their own plot (one, it seems, really likes the idea of immortality!) and the overall plot of the arena itself only unfolds if you've completed the individual storyline for all the combatants. If you're looking for replay value or immersion, that's one way to do it. In typical Square Enix style, and if the video is any indication, all of the graphics work has been put into the battle and cinematics engine where it belongs. Dialog is, unsurprisingly, static images with people yelling over it. If you've grown up with Final Fantasy like I have (FF7 forever!), then you should feel right at home.

chaos1 chaos2 chaos3

The game costs a substantial $13 on the Play Store right now. It looks to be supported pretty well on both phones and tablets. Be warned that the game is over 1GB in size, so make plenty of room and grab a WiFi connection before you buy.

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